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                UCPB Customer Relations Center (+632) 8811-9111   |   crc@ucpb.com   |  

                Bounced emails and delayed/non-receipt of OTP using Yahoo email addresses

                We have received reports from our clients, partners and suppliers of not being able to send/receive emails to/from UCPB using their Yahoo email addresses. There were also reports of delayed and non-receipt of OTP through Yahoo email addresses from Connect and Mobile App users.

                As advised by our service provider, this is probably due to Yahoo’s tightened system and security controls which affect dormant and old yahoo accounts which have full and old inbox nearing or exceeding email limit.

                You may try cleaning up your spam, trash email, outbox and inbox folders with old and unimportant emails by deleting or archiving them. Please follow these steps:

                • Log in to your Yahoo mail account (http://mail.yahoo.com).
                • Right click your inbox and choose “Clean your inbox.”
                • Click “Archive emails” and wait until it’s complete.
                • You can check your files in the Archive folder.

                In the meantime, we strongly suggest that you use Gmail or other alternative email address. Updating of email address can be done via Edit Profile menu in UCPB Connect or via the UCPB Online Client Info Updating Facility.

                For inquiries and concerns, please call UCPB Customer Relations Center at (+632) 8811-9111 or email crc@ucpb.com.

                Thank you.

                Date published: October 20, 2020

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                Customer Advisories

                Attention: Job Applicants

                Subject: Hiring Scam

                It has come to our attention that there is a scam being perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals, tricking job applicants into paying an alleged fee for a swab test. Read more.

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