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                UCPB Customer Relations Center (+632) 8811-9111   |   crc@ucpb.com   |  

                Attention: All UCPB Connect and UCPB App Users

                Please be guided by the daily transaction limit for InstaPay transfers effective November 17, 2020:

                Maximum Amount Per Transaction Daily Transaction Limit Per Account
                50,000 500,000

                For queries or concerns, please call your maintaining branch. You may also contact our Customer Relations Center at (632) 8811-9111 or crc@ucpb.com

                Thank you.

                Date published: November 16, 2020

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                Product Name NAVPU YTD Return

                As of Dec 18, 2020, 05:28:00 PM

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                For more information, please contact
                UCPB Trust Banking Group:
                (02) 8811-9520, 8811-9515, or 8811-9541

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