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                UCPB Customer Relations Center (+632) 8811-9111   |   crc@ucpb.com   |  

                Online Banking Facilities

                Online Banking Facilities

                As technology grows, so does your need for ready information to rid yourself the burden of going to branches, filling up forms, etc.
                UCPB’s state-of-the-art technology allows you to access our banking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No need to go to our branches or fill-up forms.  Simply enroll to any of the following services:

                For Individuals

                UCPB Connect

                Pay bills, transfer funds, view balances, order checks wherever there’s internet!
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                UCPB Mobile Phone Banking

                Perform banking transactions using your mobile phones and tablets.
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                UCPB Automated Teller Machines

                Withdraw cash, pay bills, transfer funds, buy load and inquire balances with UCPB’s EMV-compliant ATMs!
                Find a UCPB ATM

                UCPB Cash Deposit Machine

                Deposit cash to your UCPB account without having to line up at the branch.
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                For Corporations

                UCPB CM.Biz

                Pay bills, transfer funds, view balances, order checks for your corporate accounts wherever there’s internet!
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                UCPB Checkwriter

                Pay your suppliers or service providers through UCPB’s check cutting facility. Simply provide a payment instruction file of your payees and other details and UCPB will facilitate the processing and releasing of your Manager’s Checks to your suppliers at the UCPB branch most convenient to them.
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                UCPB Conduit Clearing Arrangement

                View and provide check clearing disposition for your Rural Bank’s Inward Clearing Checks.
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                UCPB PDC.Biz (PDC Warehousing Arrangement)

                Monitor your post-dated checks online from the point of collection until their posting upon maturity.
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                UCPB U-remit

                Initiate, approve, and transmit online remittance instructions to UCPB.
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                As of Dec 23, 2020, 05:34:00 PM

                Click here to use our UITF Yield Calculator

                For more information, please contact
                UCPB Trust Banking Group:
                (02) 8811-9520, 8811-9515, or 8811-9541

                Customer Advisories

                SSS Loan Payors

                Implementation of Payment Reference Number for SSS Loan Payments

                Please be informed that effective January 1, 2021, BancNet will apply the use of the Payment Reference Number (PRN) on the eGov SSS module as required by SSS. In line with this, the uploading of SSS Loan file to the eGov System shall be deactivated. Read more.

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